EmCom Launched a New Generation of Presence Detectors

EmCom Technology Inc., as a leading manufacturer of lighting control products in the past 48 years, have recently launched a new generation of presence detectors – the RC851 series which is an indoor ceiling mount presence detectors bring energy saving and automatic lighting control intelligently to office and building with ease and comfort.

Here are some highlights of its features:

  • Low profile of its dimensions Ø111.7mm * 39.9mm for surface mount
  • Bigger 360°detection range of complete Ø10m at 2.5m height
  • Flexible adaption to various sizes of European junction box
  • Master/Slave application via VR setting and wiring (RC851PA2 only)
  • Support external Push Button for manual control (RC851PA2 only)
  • 2nd load for HVAC control (RC851ZiA2 only)
  • IR remote controllable (RC851ZiA2 only)
  • Pulse Function for staircase lighting control
  • Poke-in terminals for handy installation
  • Zero-cross circuit to ensure stable performance

The brief data sheets provided here are for your first reference.  Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need more information, or any questions, or our quote and samples for evaluation.

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