The power solution provides neat and nice management of power supply to each active module. Furthermore the compact sizes of power modules do save space to allocate more modules compare with traditional AC adaptors and power strips. The unique design of DC Power Module brings DC power into the Home Wiring Centre Enclosures. It provides overload/short circuit protection, full-regulated, and high quality DC power for any active modules with 5VDC, 7.5VDC or 12VDC input voltage. The split DC power system separates the DC splitter apart from the DC switching power supply, thus create more space inside the enclosure for more modules capability. The AC Power Bracket provides space for two standard duplex receptacles (not included) and brings the AC power solution into the system.
Part # Description Size
HPM100400 AC power bracket for standard duplex receptacles, 4-port
6.3" x 5"
HPM100600 AC power bracket for standard duplex receptacles, 6-port 6.3" x 5"
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