The IR (Infrared) Remote Control System is designed for family members to remotely control any electronic device such as Audio System, DVD player, VCR and Satellite Receiver, etc. With pre-wired Cat5e cable, users could easily install the IR emitter, IR receiver and IR control box as a complete whole house IR control system. Regardless of where the device is located, simply aims an infrared remote control at the IR Receiver (Target) and press the button. The infrared codes are transmitted through Cat5e/Cat.6 cable and instantly repeated by each IR emitter connected to the system. All the IR system components are connected to the central module and are powered via Cat.5e/Cat.6 cable. No need for power supplies in each location to save the space and cost for users.
Part # Description Size
HIR100800 8-port IR distribution module 6.3" x 3"
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