EmCom plug is made of fully sturdy metal housing. The plug is designed to be simple and easy to be terminated with the twisted cables at field. The IDC is designed to accommodate different diameter conductors up to 22AWG. All eight conductors are terminated at same time when the wire cap is squeezed by plier. This process ensures consistent, reliable termination.
The plug is ideal product for HDBase-T® installation and Direct Connect Networks. The simple termination design enable the installers easy to achieve Cat.8.1/Class I performance requirement while construct of high-performance custom-length cable assemblies in field/data centers.

Part # Description
FTPS811 CAT.8.1/Class I STP Field termination plug
  • Fully zinc alloy metal housing
  • Wiring label: TIA 568A/B & PNO
  • Protection category: IP20
  • Durability: 750 mechanical cycles
  • Termination capability: 22-26 AWG solid wire / 22-27 AWG stranded wire
  • Supporting cable diameter: 5.5-9mm
  • UL Listed
  • Force EC Class I verified
  • 4PPoE compliant in accordance with Type 4 
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