Ceiling Mount DALI-2 Presence Detector

RC152UC8 DALI-2 Presence Detector brings energy saving and automatic lighting control to DALI-2 Building and Home Control System with ease and comfort.
Model Name RC152UC8
Product Name Corridor Type
Ceiling Mount DALI-2 Presence Detector
Rated Voltage 9-22.5VDC via DALI Bus (Typically, 16V)
Operating Temperature -20°C to +45°C
Rated Load Power supply via DALI Bus
Rated Protection IP20 with EU standard junction box or spring clip box
IP54 with surface mounting box
Detection Range L 40m x W 5m (tangential)
L 16m x W 3m (radial)
at 2.5m height, 20°C
Lux Setting 10 ~ 2000 lux
DALI-2 Standards 101 / 103 / 303 / 304
Optional Products Surface mount box / Spring clip box
Accessory Lens mask
Certification CE, RoHS and DALI-2
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