Indoor Ceiling Mount Presence Detector


RC152 indoor ceiling mount presence detectors bring energy saving and automatic lighting control / HVAC control intelligently to home and office with ease and comfort. The whole product lineup is available for multi-way installations of surface mounting, false ceiling flush mounting, and flush mounting with European junction box.

Corridor, Detects everything equally!

Model Name RC152ZiC2
Product Name Corridor Type
Ceiling Mount Presence Detector
Rated Voltage 220V-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature -20°C to +45°C
Rated Load Load 1 for Lighting Load 2 for HVAC
Rated Protection IP20 with EU standard junction box or spring clip box
IP54 with surface mount box
Detection Range 40m x 5m, L x W (Tangential)
16m x 3m, L x W (Radial) 
at 2.5m height, 20°C
Time Setting Time 1: 30s ~ 30m
Time 2: 10s ~ 60m
Lux Setting 10 ~ 2000 lux (Load 1 only)
Operation Mode / Function Auto / Short Pulse / Test / Teach-in / Push-button / Presence
Optional Products IRCE28RA1 Remote Control / Surface mount box / Flush mount spring clamp
Accessory Lens mask
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