EmCom’s 0.5U based FO Cassette system can be pre-terminated type or field splicing type for dynamic and cost effective installation. Product design from 1U with 48 SC ports or 96 LC ports up to 3U with 102 SC ports or 204 LC ports. Front loadable cassettes is ideal for installation. Front cable management offers installer with neat and clean cable management.
Part # Description
M711U0000 1U Fiber panel
M723U0000 3U Fiber panel (CBM0F00 is essential to this item)
CBM0E00 Front cable management, for 1U Fiber panel
CBM0F00 Front cable management, for 3U Fiber panel
* Panel and cable management can be black or grey upon request
Part # Description
B060SQM00 Cassette, SC Adapter 6-port, OM3
B060SVM00 Cassette, SC Adapter 6-port, OM4
B060SBS00 Cassette, SC Adapter 6-port, OS2
B120LQM00 Cassette, LC Adapter 12-port, OM3
B120LVM00 Cassette, LC Adapter 12-port, OM4
B120LBS00 Cassette, LC Adapter 12-port, OS2
* MTP Pre-term assembly to be ordered separately
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